March 4-6, 2011

PMaCS Sponsored Go Negosyo Women’s Entrepreneurs Summit and Expo 2011

PMaCS celebrates the women’s month by sponsoring Go Negosyo’s Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo 2011 at the World Trade Center on March 4-6, 2011.

The event with its theme “BABAE: KAPUSO KA NG BAYAN” showcases the role of women in the business arena. This 3 day event was full of activities that include giving out recognition to successful women entrepreneurs in different fields, conducting free seminars with various topics that would help individuals become entrepreneurs and giving tips on managing their own business, interviews with successful women who shared their experiences before reaping success in the business industry and of course the much awaited entertainment participated by GMA Kapuso stars.

This is the first sponsorship event that PMaCS participated in with a chance to introduce its newly established lines of business: the Business Management Solutions and I.T. Services.

PMaCS also had a chance to discuss details of its new lines of business in the seminar room attended mostly by entrepreneurs and students.

Guests like entrepreneurs, students from various schools and other members of the society flocked in to the event to have a glimpse on the sponsors’ booths presenting their own products and services. They were warmly welcomed by sponsors who distributed souvenir items and flyers.

PMaCS occupied a booth which is situated near the stage besides Go Negosyo’s booth which was approached by prospective clients. We were able to entertain clients queries on the services offered and had a chance to have an interview with them on their business needs and the problems they encounter. This is a timely occasion to show our clients that PMaCS caters their needs from starting up a business to monitoring of their business activities.

This partnership with Go Negosyo is a great opportunity for PMaCS to fulfill its mission of helping entrepreneurs to manage their business in a professional, convenient and profitable way of doing it by availing of the PMaCS’ Business Management Solutions.

PMaCS IT Services on the other hand help entrepreneurs establish a modern way of marketing strategy for their products and services, always in connection with the clients anytime, anywhere.

Although this 3 day event was not enough to accommodate all clients’ queries and to explain well our services, this is not for sure the last event that PMaCS will be joining. PMaCS will continue to participate in events like this where we can assist to our clients’ business.

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